Business condition (ordering)

Thank you for your interest! Our Carnivorous plants are healthy and normal-sized (We don't send for You non-viable plants with few mm diameters) in competitive prices. Seeds are shipped year round. If you have any questions about plants, shipping or other, write to us bravely! Live plants are shipped to EU only. If the weather is mild (frostfree), we can send plants as soon as possible. The plants are shipped bare root, wrapped in wet torf and plastic bag. (except Darlingtonia and Cephalotus, these plants are sent in pots). Our plants are propagated under artifical conditions, not wild collected!

Ordering: The simplest way, just write us an email, what you would. Soon, we answer you and we discuss the detailed information. We calculate the price of the plants and the postage rate. (It's depending on weight)

Minimum order is 15 EUR!

Paying: You can pay with more methods
1. PayPal (fees: 3,4%+0,35 €)
2. Money transfer
3. Western Union

Shipping: If the money has arrived, we send the packet immediately!

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